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See what other people are saying about our Chaparral apartments! At Chaparral Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.


Move in was fast and simple. Great place so far!!


I recently renewed my lease for the 5th year. I continue to receive great service from the management and maintenance teams, and I highly recommend this property. Great West Palmdale location!


After almost two years I had to move out of Palm Chaparral Apartments because California rent is rising so high! My time at Palm Chaparral was exceptional and cozy. I believe they hold the standard for best apartments in the Antelope Valley. I was skeptical of other apartment complexes due to complaints of water bugs. Fortunately I never had that problem here, or with any bugs/ants for that matter. The staff from the leasing office to the maintenance crew were always prompt and friendly. What I loved most was the quiet (and safe) environment. Never had to worry about my car being broken into and the nighttime laundry walks were calming with the posted lamps along the walkway. What I really loved about the units is the great amount of storage. Cabinets all along the walls and a good sized walk-in closet. My unit came with older appliances such as the stove which was fixed to a point of non-repair. They gladly replaced it with a brand new stove the very next day. Ariana is the dopest manager- she has a real homey vibe but she still keeps it professional, very easy to engage with. Ashley the assistant manager was the main person handling all inquiries and work orders while holding a big smile, also cool peoples. I believe you get what you pay for and my money was well spent during my time here. I can't blame the complex for the rent increases, we live in California and we gotta grind extra hard to live out here. I recommend this complex for anybody looking for a peaceful place rather it be temporary or for a longer period.


Pros - Super clean, Super Safe, very close to the mall and restaurants and grocery stores. Parking was never an issue. Really nice landscaping and a nice walking path. Staff is very friendly. Great for a temporary stay. Cons - washers and dryers are constantly broken, air conditioning units are old, inefficient, and couldn't keep a studio apartment cold (I paid $160 for the electric for the month of June). Lastly, prices are high for what you get, and the prices go up excessively if or when you decide to renew.


Great property and always felt safe. On the down side the interior of the apartments are a bit dated and the price increase this last renewal was 10%.




The management is very good at this building when things need to be fixed they take care of it they jump on top of it real fast I love all of the managers and all of the staff here. I had a problem with my AC unit maintenance staff cane and determent they were called the AC technician and the problem was fixed the same day.


I love this place. Nice, quite, clean, pleasant atmosphere. Always prompt in doing repairs


Wonderful place to live with great people managing the complex. Because it is near freeway entrances and shopping centers, it’s a great location. Only complaint is the owners of the facility got greedy with raising the rent. There is no laundry hook ups in the apartments and a shortage of laundry facilities to accommodate all the tenants. My apartment had TWO flights of stairs, one being very steep. This made it difficult for everyday tasks such as LAUNDRY, groceries and hauling up water to the apartment. This should have been taken into consideration by the company who owns the facility when determining the monthly rent amount. Not EXACTLY luxury living in THAT aspect. With that being said... I loved living there regardless!!! The grounds are beautiful and well kept. The apartment itself was really nice with plenty of storage and a great balcony and awesome fireplace!! The people on grounds directly managing the complex were wonderful and the maintenance was on point whenever there was an issue in the apartment. Had it not been for the extremely unrealistic and unreasonable raise in rent, I would have stayed!!! I recommend longer term leases to anyone who decides to move in and for the management company to consider each apartment individually when determining the monthly rent amount. Thank you to all the Palm Chaparral employees for all your time and attention during my stay and for a positive and memorable living experience. I was sad to go!

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